Sknipa Strong Ale


The Sknipa Stong Ale is a Strong Ale type of beer from Thessaloniki. It has a deep amber color, creates a tall and rich crown while during serving, the strong aromas of hops, citrus and pine that characterize it stand out. Its taste is intensely pungent with caramel notes and its carbonation is natural and discreet.

Ingredients: Barley malt, Hops, Yeast
Beer type: Strong Ale
Color: Deep amber color
Content: 330 ml.
Alcohol: 7 %
Serving Temperature: 6 – 8 ℃

Aroma: Malt and subtle notes of nuts, hops, aromas of flowers and citrus.
Appearance: Tall and rich crown with amber color.
Flavor: Rich taste of malt-caramel. Balance of sweet and sour character and bitter aftertaste.
Awards: Bronze medal at the Frankfurt International Competition, Germany (2019).

Strong Ale - Bronze 150x150

Sknipa Strong Ale
Sknipa Strong Ale


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