Salonikia WEISS 500ml


Salonikia Weiss is unpasteurized unfiltered and naturally cloudy wheat beer. It is produced with a sufficient amount of wheat malt, a minimum amount of hops and foaming yeast.
It is characterized by a fruity taste, slightly sweet and sour, with a subtle aroma of hops, a strongly aromatic character mainly of banana, and full body, while it has a rich foam with duration and a special aftertaste.
With a beautiful color, aromatic and refreshing taste, with low bitterness, it is suitable to quench our thirst in any occasion.
Alcohol: 5.5 %

– Ideal with: light soups, salads and salad dressings, sushi, feta, chicken, pork and sweets including desserts.
– The right way to serve: In a tall curved glass, serve ¾ of the Weiss holding it at a 45 degree angle. Then we rotate the bottle to mix the remaining yeast. And finally, we quickly pour the rest of the beer into the glass.

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Εnjoy responsibly.
Salonikia WEISS 500ml
Salonikia WEISS 500ml

488 in stock

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