Salonikia Honey Pilsner 330ml


Thessaloniki in a bottle. Deep yellow color like the sun that you can enjoy on your rambles on Nikis Avenue. Intoxicating aroma that drifts you on a long journey from Ladadika and Aristotelous, to Karabournaki and Perea, and then back again, to the Castles and the Modiano Market. Close your eyes, feel the taste, and wander to Greece's "Bride of the North".

Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Honey and Yeast
Beer type: Pilsner
Color: Deep yellow
Content: 330 ml.
Alcohol: 5.5 %
Serving Temperature: 6 – 8 ℃

Aroma: Malt: Malt and Hops Flower Honey: Aromas of flowers and citrus.
Appearance: Tall and rich crown with amber color.
Flavor: Rich taste of malt-honey. Balance of sweet character and bitter aftertaste.
Awards: Silver medal at the Frankfurt International Competition, Germany (2019).

Salonikia - Silver

Sknipa Honey Pilsner
Salonikia Honey Pilsner 330ml


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