Sknipa Bold


The Sknipa Bold is a Session IPA (Indian Pale Ale) originating from Thessaloniki. It has a light brown-red color, creates a tall and rich crown while during serving, the intense aromas of flowers and fruits stand out as a result of the generous amount of hops used for its preparation. It is a cool beer with a bitter taste and its body is pleasant and not very strong. Its carbonation is natural and discreet.

Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Wheat Malt, Hops, Yeast
Beer type: Session IPA
Color: Light Brown - Red
Content: 330 ml.
Alcohol: 5 %
Serving Temperature: 6 – 8 ℃

Aroma: Intense aroma of grapefruit and flowers with subtle notes of peach.
Appearance: Tall and rich crown with light brown - red color.
Flavor: Cool with a balanced bitter taste of hops which we find at the end.

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Sknipa Bold
Sknipa Bold
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